• McKinleyville Ace Hardware

  • McKinleyville, CA | 

When the owner of the McKinleyville Ace Hardware began his search for a new, more efficient location, he retained Pacific Builders based on the company’s reputation for completing similar projects on time and under budget, as well as our experience in managing the planning, permitting, and agency interface issues inherent in this type of project.

Pacific Builders took responsibility for budget, design, agency approvals, and certificate of occupancy issues.  All permits, engineering, public fees, design work, and utilities were included in project budget amount.

Pacific Builders worked with the property buyer to assess the suitability of the site, and helped clarify required agency approvals. This allowed the business owner to better understand the scope of the project and decide to complete the property purchase and launch construction of a new store.  Pacific Builders hired engineers and draftspeople to do site planning, drainage work, soils, etc. in order to design the site to accommodate his proposed building.  Pacific Builders secured permits on Dec. 1, 2014, and completed the project July 3, 2015. 

Pacific Builders recognizes that the company's role in the construction process is greater than to simply build projects. To be successful, we must also work to strengthen our community and build long-lasting working relationships.

= Tony Lucchesi =