Chevrier-Hoey Remodel

  • Chevrier-Hoey Remodel

  • Arcata, CA | 

When the owners of this home, who are graphic artists,moved from San Francisco to Humboldt County, they purchased their home in the Fickle Hill area for it's great views of Humboldt Bay and the sunsets beyond, the spacious grounds around the house, and the abundant work space for the couple to continue their work from home.

What they decidedly did not buy their house for was the series of unfortunate additions the sixties vintage house had been subjected to. When the owners engaged John Ash, of JAG Group Architects, to design their remodel, the first order of business was to decide what to remove, starting with a stuck-on-the side of the house sunroom addition.

After enough previous work had been un-done, the new work began, including new Sierra Pacific wood windows and French doors to improve the views from the interior, opening up the stairwell for a new main stairway accented with stainless steel rod, stair railing design, and a new exterior deck of sustainably harvested Ipe hardwood.

The centerpiece of the project is the completely new kitchen designed for two cooks to work comfortably side by side. The new cabinets are constructed of red birch, with clean lines and butcher block counter tops.

Both ends of the expansive main living area are feature fireplaces accented with color stained concrete panels fabricated together by Pacific Builders and the artist/owners.

Phase two of the remodeling saw a continuation of a master design begun four years ago as designed by John Ash Architects. While phase one consisted of the kitchen/living area remodel, phase two addressed the master bedroom and bath area. The bathroom features extensive use of green slate, and has a large skylight over the shower area that provides lots of natural light.

During construction, the clients realized the bedroom space would be much improved by opening up the ceiling area into the attic space, creating a higher finished ceiling with a more open feeling

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= Tony Lucchesi =